Why you should hire

a professional photographer in lisbon, portugal?

Professional Photographer Lisbon

Hello, my name is Mariana Gama. I’m a wedding photographer in Portugal based in Lisbon.

When I’m not photographing weddings I just love to be a Destination Photographer,

Lisbon is a city that I know as the palm of my hand, I just love so much to live in such a vibrant, warm and colorful city!

It is just a pity to know that lots of people leave the city without having proper pictures,

that’s why I Listed 10 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer in Lisbon!

Come on, let’s start:

  1. Have perfect photos of you and/or your family, friends, partner etc. Not boring + bad quality photos but proper professional photos 🙌🏼
  2. When I photograph tourists I just love to show the city around and our shooting is fun, relaxed and we walk around to explore as many backgrounds as possible in the time frame we agreed on.
  3. Get to see the city with a local, I really care about my clients, especially travelers that sometimes have never been here before. So I’m always here to help 😃
  4. No fashion disasters in the photos! I help travelers to match outfits according to the places we are shooting and weather.
  5. Get to know some precious typical secret spots!
  6. Don’t worry about the weather, there are so many sunshine hours in Lisbon. Actually, Lisbon is the most sunny European Capital!
  7. Most beautiful viewpoints in Europe! Lisbon is known as a city with 7 hills, so we have so many panoramic views.
  8. Beach + Mountains + city + castles + palaces – All next to each other!
  9. Already had a shooting in Lisbon? So let’s go to Sintra! A historical village only 20 min from Lisbon downtown. Full of beautiful nature and castles! Let’s have a romantic shooting there?
  10. Have picture perfect photos of a dream trip!!

It is almost a sin to not hire a professional photographer when you come to Portugal, trust me, you won’t regret it!

Therefore, I selected just for my readers some nice restaurants,

cafes and attractions to help you planning your next visit to Lisbon, so I hope you enjoy it

Chill out in the city centre at Jardim do Principe Real

Eat a deli breakfast at Dear Breakfast

Eat and drink a good dinner + wine with the best view at Chapitô À mesa

See some Historical places like Castelo de São Jorge and Palácio da Pena (Sintra)

Check here my Wedding Portfólio and my Photo Shooting Portfolio

Contact me via email on marianagphoto@gmail.com or Whats App +351 9111 43913

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