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How much does

a wedding photography costs?

is wedding photography expensive?

Do you know how much it really cost for us just to get started as a pro wedding photographer?

Well let’s begin here:

Hello my name is Mariana Gama Photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I'm here to talk about how much wedding photography costs here in Portugal.

Well, if you go on google you will notice an enormous amount of wedding photographers and suppliers available. You will find all ranges of pricing, but do you really know what and who is behind the screen?

How much that profissional spent with education, training, equipment, back ups and much more?

I’m in the wedding business since 2015 and I’ve seen so many clients who wants to save money with the photographer and ends up with a horrible experience.

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Mariana Gama photograpahy

Let's do some math?

Full frame pro camera = 3.000€

Pro 30mm lens = 300€

Pro 24-70mm lens 2.8 = 1.200€

Imac = 1500€

Lightroom Software = 6€ per month

Memory Card 64 MB = 50€ each, need at least 3 to start

HD = 80€ each (need 2 to start)

Cloud backup = 10€ per month

Education = 4.000€ a 2 year photography course

(Check prices here)

PLUS experience, professionalism, client care, nice and flexible person.

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So if you want to have a great experience, beautiful photos and no bad surprises, please don’t choose your wedding photographer based on how much they charge. Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime. So make sure you have the right choice. \

Check if that professional has reviews, ask other suppliers what they think about who you want to hire, try to have a meeting, ask to see a complete wedding album.

A very important thing to make sure about, is the complete wedding album, some professionals only post their best photos and hide the rest, so check how the church and night photos quality are!

I’m all about energy and empathy, so try to talk and feel if that professional is someone nice who you would like to work with on an important and sometimes stressful day.

If you want to save money, try to save it in anything but not with your photographer!

and if you need someone in Lisbon, send me an e-mail and I will be glad to talk to you! and check my Instagram here

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Lisbon wedding photographer
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