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Welcome to my website.

My name is Mariana, I am a professional photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal, specializing in capturing stunning and timeless images of weddings and elopements.

As a award-winning photographer with international recognition in prestigious magazines and blogs, I am dedicated to telling your unique love story through beautiful imagery.

If you are in need of a skilled and experienced Lisbon wedding photographer, look no further.

Contact me today to start planning your dream photo shoot or wedding and let me capture the love and connection between you and your partner on your special day.

Capture the essence of your life's special moments and preserve them as a treasure for eternity. With our expertise in the art of photography and an eye for detail, we ensure that every fleeting memory is immortalized in a stunning visual form that will be cherished for generations. Trust us to provide you with an investment that not only captures the essence of your life's special moments, but also elevates them to a level of timeless beauty.

The Value of Professional Photography.

Portugal Wedding Photographer
mariana gama photography
mariana gama

Lisbon photographer

Lisbon wedding photographer

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Lisbon wedding photographer

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Wedding Photographer Portugal

My name is Mariana Gama and I am a wedding photographer based in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

My goal is to tell your unique love story through beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

I am honored to have been recognized as an award-winning photographer and to have been featured in prestigious magazines and blogs across the globe.

Let me capture the connection and love between you and your partner on your wedding day.

Contact me today to start planning your dream photo shoot!

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