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Dazzling moments are yet to come

Forte da Cruz Wedding

I live to capture and eternize all your uniqueness and beauty

because pictures are not only pictures, it is like jewelry that you keep with good care, it is your legacy.

With so many wedding photographers available, you've found your way to me...

That's because you want to have unique and sophisticated photos, just because your wedding is about more than just having pretty photos: it's about having your soul, It's about feelings.

Moments like these are precious and happen once in a lifetime.

The opportunity to photograph this kind of moment is an honor and a privilege.

It is with pleasure that I dedicate my life to these moments and to you!

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Wedding Photographer Portugal
Wedding Photographer Portugal

hello, this is me

Hey! I'm Mariana Gama, Photographer in Portugal, Art and Design lover. Creating has always been something very present in my day-to-day and the happiest day of my life was when I discovered that I could work with what I loved most: art.

Previously, before making photography as a full time job I worked in museums and art galleries. That is where I got my taste on exquisite scenes, unique stories and beauty.

I am fascinated by the mysteries of the world, I like to know how objects are created and to read about history.

I live in Lisbon, right in the centre and am very happy to be just 10 minutes from my favorite place, Jardim da Estrela.

I've been working as a wedding photographer since 2015, and it's something I love to do and I do it with all my heart and soul.

Telling a story with pictures, looking at every detail that goes on, feeling love, as if the newlyweds were from my own family is something that happens naturally to me.

Connect and photograph with soul. Feel. Love.

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